"I've been listening to electronic music longer than i haven't. I hadn't found anything new to me that really excited me in a while and was becoming disillusioned with the direction a lot of what I was hearing was going. 
This shit excites me. 
Thanks for the emphasis on substance and originality."Lotista
"It's amazing how much I can rely on y'all no matter what genre, your taste is in such great harmony with mine, and I must say thank you for the hours of time you spend listening to demos to find the best!"Luke Barden
"Neuro is the best produced most advanced bad ass sounding DnB on the planet. F the other styles of DnB. The stuff Mefjus is making and the tip Ammunition Recordings is on is killing it. Neuro is the best it's ever sounded."Mike Thurlo
"Neurofunk is like Special Ops training for producers."Blunt Instrument